Teen who aborted was forced by her mother at 6 months of pregnancy

I was in my 10th grade year in high school and the guy i was dating had been my boyfriend for a year and a half. We had made a mutual decision to take our relationship to the next level…I was so consumed by school and sports that i hadnt noticed that i’d gone 3 months without a menstrual. I called my boyfriend and told him right a way. He was with my on what ever decision i made, so i said i was keeping it…Remind u i was only 15, i waited a while before saying anything to my Mother so by the time my sister told her i was 6 months…my mother would not let me keep it even after i begged and pleaded…She forced me to get an abortion it was a two day process based off how far along i was. It was thee most horrific experience of my life…oh how i yearn to be a mother…having your own child moving and kicking on the inside of you is a very special feeling but to have your child ripped out of u and ur told to jus forget it all ever happened is just a terrifying thing for a 15 year old to go through. 

Teen who aborted calls it a “horrible long-term life choice.”

I was 19 the day I found out I was pregnant my heart sunk into my stomach. I went to the clinic because I was having horrible headaches. In New York they give girls 16 and up a pregnancy test as its procedure. The nurse then told me I was pregnant. That night I later called my boyfriend and told him the news. He was supportive of whatever my choice was. Then a few days later he said we where just 19 and couldn’t afford a child now. So that night we agreed on abortion. But deep down I wanted to keep my child but I thought I loved my boyfriend more and didn’t want to lose him. After having the abortion I broke up with him because I couldn’t look at him the same. Abortion isn’t just something you take lightly. It’s a life changing choice You and only you can make. I wake up days thinking of my child knowing I’ll never be able to hold my baby in my arms. Abortion is a horrible long term life choice. 

Girl who aborted at 16 still regrets it at 20

I was 16 when I got pregnant, my boyfriend wasn’t even really my boyfriend at the time, I went to the hospital for stomach pains and they told me I was pregnant. Did an ultrasound and everything being a hospital that didn’t support abortion. My mom cried and said you have to abort it, my ex said the same thing. My mom told me she would send me to a shelter for pregnant teens if I kept it. I remember driving there and arriving to protesters outside waving signs of dead baby fetuses. I did not want to do it, but I did. And it was the worst experience of my life, I could give anything even my own life to have had that baby, who would be about 3 and a half now, I am 20. 

Girl’s abortion pushed by her boyfriend and then he leaves

I was 13 when I became pregnant. My boyfriend, at the age of 16, always pressured me into sex. I knew I wasn’t ready so I always said no. But one day I finally gave it up, and he broke up with me 2 weeks later. Then I had found out I was pregnant, I was really scared and I blamed him. I told him and he denied he was the father at first, but then he told me I had to get an abortion.
I had no idea what to do so I followed through with it. It was the biggest regret of my life. I could be almost 5 months pregnant right now waiting to see a beautiful face. Now, the ex, wont even speak to me, and he acts like I am not there and we were never anything. My stupid action takes hold of a beautiful baby now in heaven.

I hope my baby forgives me, along with God, and I’m hoping I can see his/her face when it’s my time.

R.I.P my beautiful baby<3

Teen’s abortion still haunts her after 10 years


I was 17 when I had an abortion. I am 27 now and it is a decision that has haunted me for the last ten years. My mother was there to support me regardless of my decision. But the father was only 16 and his mother was pushing for me to abort. I regretted it from the time I left the procedure room. I went expecting to have to wait 24 hours and I came out feeling empty and very guilty for what I had just done. The pain doesn’t go away. It stays with you. Please reconsider if you are thinking of aborting your baby. You don’t realize how it will effect you the rest of your life.

Girl who aborted was pushed by her mother.

BettyI was 15 when I found out I was pregnant, I was soon to turn 16. I hid it from my mom for almost 2 months, then I broke down and told her. I cried and she told me I could either had an abortion, or keep it and go into hiding then give it up for adoption. I couldn’t stand the thought of being away from my friends for almost a year and not being able to keep the kid so I said I’d do the abortion. That monday I went to the clinic and had everything done. They took an untrasound and kept the picture of my almost fully 12 week old baby, but I told my self that this was for the best, that I was too young to have a child at 16. That was in Feb. of this year. Its now 9 months later and all I can do every night is cry. I killed my baby girl or boy. Yeah my life seems great after everything has been done, I have a new boyfriend who is great and my mom and me get along great, but I am so torn up inside. I regret it so much. Please don’t do it, it’s not worth crying the rest of your life.

Teen who aborted says “I thought I’d be OK, but I’m not.

I am 17 years old and I just had an abortion 2 days ago. I was fine yesterday, then I woke up today and felt horrible. I feel like the worst person in the enitre world, I mean how could I have done that to my baby, my own flesh and blood. I feel like the guy that got my pregnant doesn’t feel like this, he’s not depressed or upset at all. I never thought I could feel so alone, i actually miss the feeling of a potential person living inside of me…I feel empty, like I have no purpose anymore. I can’t believe I did this, I will regret it for my entire life. Please think about how you will feel before you have an abortion. I thought I would be ok, but I’m not.

Teen who aborted regrets everything.

I’m 15 years old. & My boyfriend is 18 soon. He’s going off to college in the fall; so i broke down. All i could do was think of what my father would say. My little brother is 10 months, and I killed the living child in me 3 weeks ago. I can’t change what i did and i regret everything i had done. Nothing in this world can take back my baby of my first true love and myself. I killed my first baby; and honestly can’t deal with life. All i think to myself is I killed my own baby for my own convience. How could I do this?

Teen’s abortion was “not the easy way out.”

i was 15 year’s old when i got pergnant, and i thought my life was over and all my friend’s would down me about it and my parent’s also. well the guy that got me pergnant we was a year older than me and he didn’t won’t the baby and his parent’s sent him off to an school for just boy’s well i took the easy way out and had a abortion and i wished never have done that cause my best friend has a lil girl and she is wonderful and now i look back and hate myself even though it’s been a lil over a year i could of been a mom just like she is doing today. i never thought anything like this would happen to me and it did and i just wo;t my little girl or boy in my arm’s or running around calling me mommy and even though im still a teen but i know i could be a mom and love my son or daughter the most i can. but life does go on and even though it’s been a little over a year i still think about. so before you do it think twice because it;’s really not the easy way out, because you will think about what you done to your child everyday you live cause i still do. so please don’t get abortion cause in the long run it will hurt you.

Teen’s abortion feels like open cuts with no healing

I was 15 wen ii first got pregnant at first me and my boyfriend were happy .. the only person we can possiblly tell was his mother she supported 100% but that wasnt the same in my situation wen ii told my parents it was the worst thing ii had ever done .. they left the choice to me but it wasn’t that easy wen yew have family telling you ur life wuld never be the same and reminding u how hard it wuld be for you and ur baby .. My parents told me if ii kept ma baby ii had to leave ma house then is wen ma only option was ABORTION. The day ii made that decision everything changed in ma life it was the worst thing ii ever had to do EVER, not only did ii loose someone that was a part of me but ii lost the trust and Moral respect for myself. And as if that was the worst of it ii had to give up the guy i LOVED bcuz my parents or family wouldn’t accept us ever being together .. Its been two years now and it has made me a wiser [17] year old but this feelings ii have and hold in my heart will never be cured their like open cuts with no healing.
SoOo iif ur experiencing haviing an ABORTION [DON’T] it isnt worth it be mature and dnt look for the easy way out or wats best for everybody else do wass right for u … think with ur heart ¢¾

Girl who aborted to make her boyfriend happy then found out he was cheating on her.

I had an abortion at 14. I got pregnant in Sept and I have had it done in Nov. before Thanksgiving. I wanted to keep my baby. But my boyfriend of 7 months wanted me to have an abortion, and of course, I wanted him happy more than anything. I couldn’t tell my parents I was pregnant at 14, so me and my best friend and her step mom went to the clinic. I signed some papers and waited for like 2 hours! I finally got called back. I had to change into a robe and got on the table. I didn’t bother to watch what the doctor was doing or anything, all I can remember is feeling of like hot acid racing up through me! I was on fire! Like a million of ants stinging me at once! I heard a loud sucking noise and it hurt even worse! I was screaming and crying, the nurse was trying to ask me questions about school and life to, I guess, get my mind off things. Finally, it was over with. I seen the doctor turn around with a bloody cloth in his heads and the nurse telling me it was done. The doctor left me in the room and the nurse had to help me walk into the recovery room where I stayed for an hour or so. They gave me a pad to wear and I bleed for about a week or more. I regret this more than anything and after that, my birthday was in Dec, i found out that my boyfriend was cheating on me. Not only did I make HIM happy that I killed OUR CHILD but I made his girls on the side happy too.

Girl who aborted says it haunts her every single day.

It’s been a little over a year since I had my abortion. I was dating a guy for 2 years…and we didn’t have the perfect relationship. But I was so in love with him.

When I found out I was pregnant he said we would get through it together. Then the option of abortion came to play. He said he wasn’t ready for a baby. So a few days later I went and got the abortion.

We never told anybody and sometimes I have such horrible dreams about my baby. Ladies…please think before you do anything. It haunts me every single day.

Teen who aborted was forced by her mother and she warns others to NOT do it.

Sally_xs_71877536I was 15 years old when I became pregnant. My baby’s father and I were nor together at the time when we conceived. But we were trying to make it work. I used to think like “hey” getting pregnant won’t happen to me. When I looked at the pregnancy test and it said positve, thoughts just began to rush through my head. I was more scared than anything. I was almost four months when I told my mama that I was pregnant. Having an abortion was the furthest thing from my mind. When I told her thats all she kept saying.”You’re getting and abortion, no questiona asked”. I didn’t want to get an abortion and now I think about it all the time. I got my abortion a year ago. So all ican say is THINK, think very hard before getting an abortion, because thats a decision that will follow you for the rest of your life. I cry out! I’m sorry for killing my unborn baby.

Girl who aborted is afraid that abortion is the reason she can’t get pregnant now that she’s married.

I too had an abortion & i regret it everyday. My ex of five years made me choose between him & our baby, he told me if I had the baby I’d raise it alone, & I would have know help from him. I didnt have any family because they all disliked him so I did it, he promised we’d be together forever…

4 months later it was over he was going out and cheating & partying…now im married to the greatest guy ever & were trying to have babies but not having any luck, i think its because gods punishing me for what ive done, its been 3 years & the guilt for what ive done still haunts me, how could i have been so selfish…i still cry and think about it everyday my baby would have been 3 in august..

Girl who aborted says it will haunt her for the rest of her life.

I was just placed into a new home ( foster care). The family was very kind but they did not know I was pregnant and neither did I. Me and my 5 year boyfriend went to a appointment I was feeling very sick and tired, I didnt know what was wrong with me. It was my first visit to the gonocolagist. I was scared. I soon found out that I was 11 weeks pregnant, I broke down and cried. My boyfreind was in shock. I didnt know what to do.So I was sent to a doctor who would be there for my decisions. But that wasnt an option the doctor told me in a week I would either have to have an abortion or have my child. It was the worst feeling ever to have.I was just 17 and my boyfriend was 18. Me and my boyfriend left the clinic I wanted to have the baby but my boyfriend was scared because his family was not so good in supporting him and I didnt have family at all. I also new that I was in foster care so I new it was me alone because foster care doesnt allow there child to live in foster homes pregnant they move them into a shelter and leave them with no help. So the next week I did the abortion… before the abortion they put me asleep that when the tears began to go down my face I felt like I was dying inside. It was the most horrible thing I did in my life .I can still remember waking up afterwords screaming for my boyfriend, he held me while I cryed on him and him crying in pain. I couldnt stop remembering the pain I felt during the surgery beacuse I woke up during some of the procedure IT WAS AGONY ON TOP OF AGONY.Now it has been 7 months since the abortion. I regret the decison I made. I am now a high school straight A senior, I am graduating with honors, and I have been accepted to many colleges and university.I am still with my boyfreind and our living situations havent changed. But no matter what I do I can never get rid of this decison. It will haunt me for the rest of my life. To my unborn child I will always love you.Please forgive me.

Girl who aborted says now she looks in the mirror and sees a murderer.

I was 17 and in love. I was dating a guy for 2 years. I thought we were going to spend together forever. Until I called him and told him I was taking a pregnancy test. When I started to cry he knew i was pregnant. I told my parents and my dad would call me and tell me to abort it, he said he was paying for it. Told me that wanting to keep the baby would ruin my life. My boyfriend told me that it was the best thing to do. I didn’t want to abort it. I aborted my child. I woke up and immediately felt empty. I still have nightmares about seeing my baby in the ultra sound right before they did it. I killed my baby and I look in the mirror every day and see a murderer. 4 months later I got pregnant, I’m having a little boy. My boyfriend of the first pregnancy is the father of this baby, he left me. And wants nothing to do with him. I am due on the day I killed my first baby. I am scared that something will be wrong with him, because of what i did.

Girl who aborted still cries at night wanting her baby

I was 17 years old when I found out I was pregnant. At first my boyfriend and I were so excited that we would soon become parents. When the day came that I told my parents that I was having a child, they only wanted to go along with abortion. I had never even considered it before then and I know now that I would never consider it again. My parents made me feel like I had no other option but to abort. When my boyfriend told his parents, they, too, pushed for abortion. Knowing that I had already disappointed so many people, I reluctantly agreed. I went to the clinic and my child was terminated. I was 8 weeks pregnant. I have never felt so alone before that day. The experience was scaring. I have never wanted to do something over more than this. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about my child; whether it would have been a girl or boy. I hate myself when I think that I took the life of an innocent baby that was never given a chance. I still cry at night and wish I was still pregnant. For any girl that is considering abortion, or any guy whose child might be aborted, really think about what you want to do. Abortion may seem like the easy way out, but in the end, is all the emotional stress and hardship really worth it when you could be holding your baby boy or girl in your arms? I would give anything to be able to hold my child. Whether you think you’ll have someone to support you or not, you will. You will never be alone. I just want to tell my child that I love and miss you more than you could ever know. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about you or wish that I could see you grow up. I am so sorry that I did this to you.

Teen aborted because she felt there was no one there to help her.

me and this guy was dating for about three months I though I would be with him for the rest of my life when we first had sex I thought he would love me and never cheat on me so we did it a couple of times just to keep him satisfy on the third time of having sex he said he wanted me 2 have his baby I was so confused I didn’t know wat 2 do at the moment but satisfy him I thought if I had his baby we will be together forever but that all changed during the second month of my pregnancy he told 2 get an abortion I was shocked bcuhz he wanted me 2 have so I told him I wanted 2 keep it and he said do what u want bcuhz i’m not going 2 be in itz life I cried almost everyday nd very depressed I even thought of suicide I coudnt talk 2 nobody bcuhz I was afraid of what might they think I kept all my hurt nd pain inside so I had 2 make a decision 2 keep the baby or not so since I had no money or help bcuhz I was afraid 2 tell anyone I decided 2 get an abortion now I regret it bcuhz it was a life inside of me nd I could of prevent that from happening if I hadn’t had sex now it hunts me so gurls what im trynna say is think before u do most boys says they love u just 2 get pleasure while u get pain nd 9 months of it nd believe it is no joke think twice

Teen who aborted is now terribly sorry.

I found out I was pregnant the second time while I was at work. I worked at a drug store and decided to just be on the safe side and take a pregnancy test since I had unprotected sex a couple weeks before. Well I was shocked when I seen those 2 lines appear! I was only 17 and I had just had my daughter 6 months ago. I was devastated because I knew there was NO WAY I could work, finish high school, and take care of my daughter. I knew in my heart that I was getting an abortion.
Another factor to make me choose abortion was because the father of the baby and I were not together, and it wasn’t the same guy from my previous pregnancy. I felt like a complete failure. I killed my baby. At first I was relieved it was over, but after reality sunk in I felt HORRIBLE. As I grow each day mentally, I think about how many women out there fight to conceive. I felt selfish and I still think about my child that is not here until this day. I am now a high school graduate and in college. My daughter is 2 now…Everything is fine but that day that I got my abortion replays in my mind too often. I would never choice abortion over fighting for what is mine and being responsible.
If I could I would tell my baby that I am so terribly sorry how everything happened, and that I love him/her.

Girl who aborted 8 years ago still regrets it

I was 21 and my boyfriend and I were broken up but still living together. We had been together for 4 years and had never really used protection and never got pregnant. Well, I did in May of that year and he and I had just gotten back together. He didn’t think it was his and convinced me to get an abortion. Of course they counsel you beforehand, but they don’t tell you about the hole it leaves in your soul and heart forever. I would have a 8 year old child now. I have asked God for forgiveness but I don’t know if I can ever forgive myself. I’m 30 years old now and I have tried with my fiancee to get pregnant and I am so scared that I threw away my one and only chance to have a baby. thank you for letting me tell my story.

Teen’s abortion was devastating

Saterday was the worst day of my life. I’m 14 i had an abortion. I was 15 weeks. My mother forced me into the abortion, i wish i would have done something to stop it. Abortions are terriable. Children are gods gifts, we should be treating them like they are. Me and my boyrfriend were very excited, and so were his paretns. Mine werent so excited though. We were very ready and prepared to have a child, but it just couldnt happen. It is very hard for me to see a baby or even see a women that is pregant. I cry everynight, but i look up to the sky, and think all the babies that were aborted or died are gods angles. They are watching over there parents. They love us very much.They will keep us safe, just ask god for forgivens. God will get us all through it.

Teen who aborted says they lied and the pain continues today

I knew I was pregnant. Right after me and my boyfriend of a year and a half had unprotected sex. Two or three weeks after I had him go out and pick up a pregnancy test. I waited until the morning to take it, hiding it under my shirt as i went up the stairs, towards the bathroom. Within seconds two pink lines appeared. All i thought was oh no……. I’m 16 and pregnant. I turned on the shower and sat down in the tub. Something told me everyone was going to love this baby. But I wasn’t ready. My boyfriend lived with me and my mother. Both of us were going to face homelesses. I went down the stairs and told him and he couldnt believe it, but the next morning we both began to accept it. He fell asleep with his hand on my abdomen. At that moment I wanted my baby so badly. We named him or her Riley. I told my mother after christmas that i was pregnant. She told my brother and my sister and made me take another pregnancy test and bring it out to show them. Another two pink lines. My boyfriend was made to stay downstairs. I told them I wanted to keep my baby. They are all pro-choice, so they agreed I would carry to term. My mother would not let me make decisions regarding my pregnancy. Where to deliver, trying to exclude my boyfriend from the doctors appointments. She said she wanted to adopt my baby. I told her i was thinking about abortion. My mother and sister began telling me at least an hour every day how it was wrong. I was called me a murderer, a lot. I was thrown out, Because i wouldnt let my mother go back with me during doctors exams. I was thrown out for having doubts. My boyfriend went to live with his dad and i with my grandparents eventually. At 7-8 weeks along i went to planned parenthood with my boyfriend. He wished I had walked up and left, not gone through with it. And i do too. I waited for 7 hours watching women go back to have the procedure done. I was the last one. I was taken into a room and told i needed my pants off. The nurse left for a few minutes so i could get undressed. I looked under a large paper towel and saw what they were going to use. I sat down. I should have put my pants back on, taken the iv out an walked away. But i didnt. I couldnt be a mother. There was a little metal door on the wall in front of me for “biohazards” to go. Thats were theyd place my baby… Babies… The ultrasound tech informed me there were two. The first ultrasound I had was so early only one was found. All I saw on that monitor was my boyfriend, our baby. Ive never told anyone that. They gave me anesthesia. I cried. As soon as i got in my boyfriends car to leave the cramps started. I felt so bad for him because I couldnt control my own screaming. They said it wouldnt hurt. They lied. I bled, so much. And the pain continues today, after 3 months. Physically mentally and emotionally. And I am so, so sorry.

Teen Who Aborted Immediately Regretted the Abortion




Teen who aborted wishes she had kept her baby

When I was 17 years old I got pregnant with my boyfriend. 3 months later I had an abortion. I was basically guilted into the abortion by my boyfriend and his friends. They were saying how we can’t mess up our lives by having a baby, that we were too young. I listened to them even though it’s against my religion to have an abortion. Having the abortion though was the easy part I guess you could say. I tried not to think about it at the time and just went through it, trying to make my boyfriend happy. Well now it’s been 2 years since the abortion and I still think about it every night. Having the abortion is the only thing in my life that I truely regret doing. At first I thought I was ok with it but as time went on I realized it was wrong, I never should have listened to other people. I never should have put my own feelings aside to make someone else happy, even if it was my boyfriend. Everyday I think about that poor baby and what I’m missing out on. I also wonder if I will be able to have another baby. Abortions are not very safe and there are side-effects. Ever since I had the abortion I have been getting vaginal infections, frequently. This worries me everyday, could these infections cause infertility? Did I give up my chance to have a baby. If I could do it all over again I would have gone with my feelings and kept the baby.

Teen who aborted wishes her parents hadn’t pushed her into it.

It was December 28th the day that changed everything. The day I wished that I would’ve said no to a horrible decision that my parents made. I had to make a decision that THEY thought was right. This was not benefitting me at all because I wanted my son. Well thats what me and my baby daddy thought it was, a boy. Although I still have the ultra sound it still brings back memories that hurt me.

Remember that you have the power to say no because you are the one that will have to make the appointment. Not your mother, not your father, you. Just remember that, and plan ahead for your childs future because being a mommy is a huge responsibility. Even the abortion effected my mom although she didn’t want me 2 have him I know she would have helped me now. So in the end abortion is not right so R.I.P. to My Baby – Mommy loves you……….