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Teen’s bf made her choose abortion

My name is Kat.  Now that it has been almost a year since my abortion, I cannot really do anything but think about what I did to my child.
I was dating an amazing guy. I was his first, and he was my first. We had it in our minds that we would be together forever, but that all changed when I found out I was pregnant. I wanted to keep the baby, but he made me choose. He said, and I quote, It is either me, or THAT! I wanted to be with him SO bad that I made my appointment at the clinic for two weeks from that day.

I thought no one would find out about it; but he told his best friend, who told another person, who told another person; and eventually it got around to everyone; and I was chastised for it every day of my life until this day.

I wake up at night, and I think I hear a baby crying, but then I realize that it is only in my head, and I lie back down and cry myself back to sleep. Girls and Guys, abortion IS permanent. It IS a horrible thing to have to go through, and it IS NOT the only way out.

Teen’s family suggested abortion

My boyfriend and I were in our first year of college. We had been dating for a year but had known each other for three years. When we found out I was three months pregnant we were very joyful and excited about the arrival of our baby.
But feelings changed once we told our families. They believed it was too soon for us because we were just starting our adult lives. They suggested abortion, and we went along with it. Now I feel guilty and ashamed of the thought that I killed an innocent life because my family believed the time was not right.

Every day I cry thinking about my baby. I just want to tell anyone who is thinking of an abortion, please, please make sure it is the right thing to do because there is no turning back after you wake up from surgery.

Teen feels forced into abortion by parents

My name is Amber, and I was 17 years old when I had my abortion. A guy friend of mine and I had planned on having sex. It was my first time, and he said he would take care of me. We worked together, so we knew each other pretty well. After it all happened he stopped talking to me, and I felt like I had been used. Then I found out I was pregnant. I called and told him right away, and he freaked out.
I had the abortion because my mom and dad forced me to. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t regret it. I think about it every day and wonder if my baby would have been a boy or a girl.

Teen hates herself because of abortion

Teen Pregnancy

My name is Cara, and I am 17 years old. I got pregnant 4 months ago. When I first found out I was pregnant, I denied it. I denied it to myself and my boyfriend. I finally took a home pregnancy test, and it came out positive. I had to tell my mom, and she basically told me it was all my decision and she could not make it for me…although I wish she did. I went to the doctor. My boyfriend was happy and scared for me at the same time.
I got an abortion, and I was really scared. I was a little past 3 months. I hated myself so much. I hate it still. I cry every night. I see pregnant people all the time, and I believe that I am going to hell because of this. I hate myself so much. I wish I had this precious child growing in my stomach still. If I could go back to the day I had the abortion, I would take everything back. I would have my child.

Teen would never choose abortion again


My name is Chelsey, and I had an abortion on July 28 of this year. I was 11.5 weeks pregnant. I wanted to change my mind. I wanted to hold my baby 6 months from then, but under the circumstances I could not. Neither my boyfriend nor I could afford to properly take care of the baby, and neither of us had health insurance.
I cannot explain how depressed I was going in for my first attempt. I was told I was too far along to see the doctor working that day. I had to come back the next day. I did, and that was not only the worst physical pain I have ever been in, but the worst emotional downpour as well.

To this day I am depressed. I look up the week-by-week progression for pregnancies online and cry and well up at every baby book I pass. I could have found out the sex that next week. I would never make that decision again. It is not worth the emotional turmoil and the depression I am stuck in now.

I killed my baby…not just mine…but I killed the baby of a man I love more than anything in this world. I will never forgive myself. I cried every time I was alone for 6 days straight. Now I cannot seem to get out of this emotional slump that nothing matters any more.

So, to my sweet baby in heaven, I love you, I miss you, and I am forever sorry. The day I can smile again is the day I will meet you face to face. You are forever in my heart.

Teen Rethinks Abortion

Teen Abortion

My name is Roxanne.  Last year on December 28, 2006, the day before I turned 18, I had an abortion. It was the biggest mistake I have ever made in my life, and I regret it every day. It was really hard for me because I did not want to get it, and neither did my boyfriend. At the same time I just kept thinking about how scary it was knowing that I was going to be having a child. It was weird because every day before I found out I was pregnant, I wanted a baby really bad. It made me happy when I found out that I was; but after awhile I just got really emotional and did not know what to do. It was also harder because the whole time I was pregnant I could not do anything because I was sick every day, and it sucked. All I kept thinking was I did not want to be sick any more.
Now that it is over all I keep thinking is that I would do anything in the world to go back and not have gotten the abortion. Even though I was sick all the time, it would have been worth it after he or she was born. Now all I want is to have another baby. Every day I wish that I would get pregnant. So, if anyone is trying to decide to get an abortion or to keep your child, please keep it. Trust me, if you have an abortion you will think about what you did every day, and it will be the biggest mistake you ever make in your whole life.