I got pregnant last may. I was already 18, and my parents wouldnt have been upset. My boyfriend of two years had a drug problem. We broke up in June and he went to live in Washington(across the united states.) We kept in touch everyday but I still hadn’t told him about the baby. He came back in July and we broke things off for good. I was running out of time and had no one to help me make this desicion. I decided to get an abortion to protect him he was only 17, a herion addict, and had enough to worry about. He was in no shape to be a father. And I didnt want to be a single parent and have my child growing up around a father like that. Also I didnt want my parents raising the baby. Having an abortion was the hardest decision i’ve ever had to make. I regret it everyday. I did it to try and protect someone else and ended up killing someone so innocent. It haunts you everyday. I’ll never forgive myself.

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