I was just placed into a new home ( foster care). The family was very kind but they did not know I was pregnant and neither did I. Me and my 5 year boyfriend went to a appointment I was feeling very sick and tired, I didnt know what was wrong with me. It was my first visit to the gonocolagist. I was scared. I soon found out that I was 11 weeks pregnant, I broke down and cried. My boyfreind was in shock. I didnt know what to do.So I was sent to a doctor who would be there for my decisions. But that wasnt an option the doctor told me in a week I would either have to have an abortion or have my child. It was the worst feeling ever to have.I was just 17 and my boyfriend was 18. Me and my boyfriend left the clinic I wanted to have the baby but my boyfriend was scared because his family was not so good in supporting him and I didnt have family at all. I also new that I was in foster care so I new it was me alone because foster care doesnt allow there child to live in foster homes pregnant they move them into a shelter and leave them with no help. So the next week I did the abortion… before the abortion they put me asleep that when the tears began to go down my face I felt like I was dying inside. It was the most horrible thing I did in my life .I can still remember waking up afterwords screaming for my boyfriend, he held me while I cryed on him and him crying in pain. I couldnt stop remembering the pain I felt during the surgery beacuse I woke up during some of the procedure IT WAS AGONY ON TOP OF AGONY.Now it has been 7 months since the abortion. I regret the decison I made. I am now a high school straight A senior, I am graduating with honors, and I have been accepted to many colleges and university.I am still with my boyfreind and our living situations havent changed. But no matter what I do I can never get rid of this decison. It will haunt me for the rest of my life. To my unborn child I will always love you.Please forgive me.

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