I was 17 and in love. I was dating a guy for 2 years. I thought we were going to spend together forever. Until I called him and told him I was taking a pregnancy test. When I started to cry he knew i was pregnant. I told my parents and my dad would call me and tell me to abort it, he said he was paying for it. Told me that wanting to keep the baby would ruin my life. My boyfriend told me that it was the best thing to do. I didn’t want to abort it. I aborted my child. I woke up and immediately felt empty. I still have nightmares about seeing my baby in the ultra sound right before they did it. I killed my baby and I look in the mirror every day and see a murderer. 4 months later I got pregnant, I’m having a little boy. My boyfriend of the first pregnancy is the father of this baby, he left me. And wants nothing to do with him. I am due on the day I killed my first baby. I am scared that something will be wrong with him, because of what i did.

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