I had an abortion at 14. I got pregnant in Sept and I have had it done in Nov. before Thanksgiving. I wanted to keep my baby. But my boyfriend of 7 months wanted me to have an abortion, and of course, I wanted him happy more than anything. I couldn’t tell my parents I was pregnant at 14, so me and my best friend and her step mom went to the clinic. I signed some papers and waited for like 2 hours! I finally got called back. I had to change into a robe and got on the table. I didn’t bother to watch what the doctor was doing or anything, all I can remember is feeling of like hot acid racing up through me! I was on fire! Like a million of ants stinging me at once! I heard a loud sucking noise and it hurt even worse! I was screaming and crying, the nurse was trying to ask me questions about school and life to, I guess, get my mind off things. Finally, it was over with. I seen the doctor turn around with a bloody cloth in his heads and the nurse telling me it was done. The doctor left me in the room and the nurse had to help me walk into the recovery room where I stayed for an hour or so. They gave me a pad to wear and I bleed for about a week or more. I regret this more than anything and after that, my birthday was in Dec, i found out that my boyfriend was cheating on me. Not only did I make HIM happy that I killed OUR CHILD but I made his girls on the side happy too.

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