BettyI was 15 when I found out I was pregnant, I was soon to turn 16. I hid it from my mom for almost 2 months, then I broke down and told her. I cried and she told me I could either had an abortion, or keep it and go into hiding then give it up for adoption. I couldn’t stand the thought of being away from my friends for almost a year and not being able to keep the kid so I said I’d do the abortion. That monday I went to the clinic and had everything done. They took an untrasound and kept the picture of my almost fully 12 week old baby, but I told my self that this was for the best, that I was too young to have a child at 16. That was in Feb. of this year. Its now 9 months later and all I can do every night is cry. I killed my baby girl or boy. Yeah my life seems great after everything has been done, I have a new boyfriend who is great and my mom and me get along great, but I am so torn up inside. I regret it so much. Please don’t do it, it’s not worth crying the rest of your life.

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