I was 13 when I became pregnant. My boyfriend, at the age of 16, always pressured me into sex. I knew I wasn’t ready so I always said no. But one day I finally gave it up, and he broke up with me 2 weeks later. Then I had found out I was pregnant, I was really scared and I blamed him. I told him and he denied he was the father at first, but then he told me I had to get an abortion.
I had no idea what to do so I followed through with it. It was the biggest regret of my life. I could be almost 5 months pregnant right now waiting to see a beautiful face. Now, the ex, wont even speak to me, and he acts like I am not there and we were never anything. My stupid action takes hold of a beautiful baby now in heaven.

I hope my baby forgives me, along with God, and I’m hoping I can see his/her face when it’s my time.

R.I.P my beautiful baby<3

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