Teen who aborted says, “I killed myself and someone else.”

Hi im 19 and i was pregant at 17. When i had my abortion i was with this guy from my 7th grade to my 12th grade and i thought we were high school sweet hearts. When he went to jail we broke up. i went and got an aborton becouse he didn’t love me like he said. He didn’t want to be with me like he promised. After the aborton i changed. i moved away. i thought i would forget about it but to this day i cant forget the day feb 28th at 8:15am i killed my life, myself and someone else.

Teen forced to abort 5 years ago still not over it.

I say I was about 13 or 14 years old when I was supposed to have my baby. But I had to abort my baby because of my mom and her husband. I never had no say so in anything. I really did not want to do it but I was forced. But to this day I still am not over it. But now I am 19 and I have another baby he is 1 years old, I kept my baby and now some of my family is not talking to me because I kept my baby. But I really don’t care because I have a beautiful baby boy and no one is taking him away from me.

But to my baby – Mommy loves you with all her heart and never forget that.

Teen who aborted says, “Since that day I haven’t been the same.”

I was 14 (that was 2 years ago) when I had my abortion, So young, The father of my child was 20, we didn’t have a relationship at all. Except we’d talked before a few times, but we hooked up one night and a month and a half later I found out I was pregnant. When I told him he was just as shocked as I was, we decided that we were both to young to have a child and he said he had the money for the abortion so I agreed.
It seemed like a simple way to fix the problem and even though I didn’t really want to do it I didn’t want to be a mom or be pregnant either so I just did it.
The morning after the abortion I remember waking up in tears because I dreamed about a little baby crying at the top of his lungs saying “why mom???” Since that day I haven’t been the same. Something in me died when my baby did. Now I’d give anything to take that decision back. GIRLS: Don’t do it, if you feel like you’re not ready to be a mom yet then give the child up for adoption. The least you can do for your child is carry it for 9 months.

Girl who aborted was pressured and never told the truth

i was 16 when i got pregnant with my boyfriend that i was with four years but no longer with him. when i found out i was pregnant i couldnt believe it so first thing i did was call my boyfriend he was in shock too! and i called my mom she didnt believe it either so she took me to a clinic and they confirmed positive! i didnt know i was at a abortion clinic getting my pregnancy test done though. she was in shock too! calling me boyfriend and his parents. i was worried but at the same time happy because it was his baby and part of me. a blessing from god. then i thought he was going ot be there for me through my pregnancy but i was wrong thats when he turned his back on me and started rejecting my calls on and on…it was sad because i would cry every night about the way he was being when i needed him the most i felt like in a dark hole not knowing what to do because there was no one preson supporting me not even my mom..she keeped on presuring me to have an abortion and everybody else. not knowing she was wrong she would tell me that it was an unwanted baby that she was not going to help me! it those things she would say to me would break my heart but i wouldnt let her know. so wanted to basically force me to do it by making an appointment but they told her i have to approve to it for them to do it.. so i said no the first time! the days passed..and passed waiting for my boyfriend to realize what he was doing wrong but nothing we even went to his house to go look for him and me and my mom saw him and his dad getting out of the car so we call the house his dad answered and he denied my boyfriend because he was hiding from me. while he would be with other womens and not have excuses for that. so i found out he was cheating on me with his women i got her number and she was nice to me, she did not know anything about me then i told her what was happening she got really mad at him for doing what he was doing to me since he would not even answer my calls..she would call him and he would answer..that was soo dissapointing..so she even recommended me to have an abortion and time passed and passed and slowly and was brainwashed really good that one day i called my boyfriend and asked him do you really want this baby? and he said no! i felt like my blood went cold! when i heard that! so later weeks i called him again and told him that this was the last time he was going to hear about his baby. i still waesnt sure if to the abortion though because something deep down inside was telling me NOT TO DO IT! but then my mom took me to her friend well my best friends mom which she endedd up convincing me..so i took the decision before to do it ONLY if it was not a baby yet..bacause i didnt want do it if it was already breathing with his little heart..but i was so dumb i believed everyone when they told me that it was nothing yet that i was not formed..that IT WAS NOT A BABY! even the nurses at abortion place told me that! BUT THEY LIE BECAUSE OF THE MONEY! so when i was on my way to the abortion place with my mom there was posters by saying give this bay a name two times! it was god telling me not to do it there but i just ignored it. then at the corner at the abortion palce there was people with gods cross and signs saying do not abort! when i saw that i broke down crying specially when i waled in there i felt so dirty because it was start of one of my biggest mistake of my life..throwing away a life god put in my womb. i was 7 weeks pregnant..but for them that is nothing is not a bay for them yet. so after had the abortion everything was ok at first..i didnt feel sad at first..until one day for curiousity i went online and put on google 7 weeks pregnant and saw pictures of a 7 week old fetus that had its heart working already…etc..that just BROKE MY HEART IN PIECE AND GOT ANGER IN MY HEART! I FELT SOO STUPID!! I JUST COULDNT BELIEVE THAT I KILLED MY OWN BABY! i would pray to god everyday to forgive me for what i did if i could take it back i would!! my mom now sees the pain and the consequenses that this abortion brought me. she now regrets it too and apologizes too me! and god! but still cannot forget about it! is been like two years passed and i still cannot forget may 25th. i hate to think what my baby would of look like? who was that baby? his laughs? if it was a boy or girl? how happy we would been together..now is hard for me too see pregnant women and abortion stuff. or when i see a baby i get sad because i could of had mine. or everytime i see my baby sister i see her as my daughter i never had sometimes i think im looking at my baby thats in heaven. i also had dreams with it where my baby was smilling at me because he had forgiven me. i see it this was A BABY IS A BLESSING NOT A CHOICE! we shouldnt make the decisions if we are not sure of it because if theres something deep down inside your heart thats telling you whats right and wrong. plus theres health risks of abortion also mentally…im still trying to get over it but the hardest thing is to forgive myself and makes me angry that i cant have my baby in my arms now that is gone. i just pray to god to bless me with another baby that will make soo happy! and give me the chance to mend my mistake. also dont listen to other people telling you to have an abortion because in the long run they are not going to be the ones suffering from the regret and hurt. i have cried for this mistake until i had no tears. is really painful! dont do it! REMEMBER A BABY IS NOT A CHOICE!

Teen who aborted didn’t have the strength to stand up to the pressure to abort

I just go out of an 8 month relationship with my boyfriend who i loved. i was so upset that i hooked up with some random guy and i ended up pregnant. i told my ex and he was so happy for me. he wanted to get back together and be the father. We picked out names for it too. i was so excited until my friends found out. they pressured me into having an abortion and i didnt have enough strength not to listen. i got the abortion a month ago. I cannot empasize how much i regret killing my baby. I miss him so much. Me and my ex are back together but it will be a while before we ever get over the death of my child. R.I.P baby. i love you

This girl aborted her second child and now hates herself for it.

I’m a 20 year old single mother of a 2 1/2 year old little boy. I became pregnant again, and the father of the baby gave me no input on what to do. He has one kid already and just had a baby with one of my friends. He told me he loved me and wanted to be with me. I went away for 2months and came back to find out he got my friend pregnant. I was then 2 months pregnant. He wasn’t helping me make a decision and I was not about to care for another child right now the way my life is going, I have a crappy job, and am staying with a friend right now. My mom talked about doing an abortion. I went to the clinic for 3 appts. The second appt I saw the baby and tears swelled my eyes. I went threw with it. And now I hate myself for it. I can’t believe I murdered my own child. It haunts me everyday of my life. I swore I’d never do that. Now the guy wants to be with me and says he will do anything. But the last thing I wanna do is be with someone who didn’t give a crap when I was pregnant. Life just hurts. And its so hard to deal with now more then ever.

This teen who aborted says her feelings of regret are overwhelming


Last month I found out I was pregnant..

My boyfriend said i was crazy to even thinking of keeping my baby.

And my mom said it would ruin my life and that she wouldn’t help me if i kept it.

I was alone, I wanted to keep it for so many reasons.

I think I could have done it and been a great mother.

But I was pressured into getting an abortion.

I regret it so much.

I can’t describe the pain and guilt I feel.

I don’t know what else to say my feelings are too overwhelming.

Teen who aborted prays for forgiveness.

It was only 2 years ago, he abused me. I found out I was pregnant by accident, my ex and I got into an argument and it led to violence *again. He numerously hit me, dragged me on the road until I was uncountious. I woke up with a medical examiner shining a flash light at my eyes and I totally forgot what happened. The ambulance took me to the ER where they did simple blood test, and there I found out I was 1 1/2 months pregnant. My parents face dropped and it was pure anger. I cried and cried and my parents told me I’m having an abortion. They knew that he was VERY violent and he will kill me. I had to agree with them because he broken my bones and had damaged the baby so much that I started bleeding a lot. My parents went through the process of getting me to the hospital to do a therapeutic abortion which they put me to sleep and suck the baby out of me. I woke up in the hospital again, really really sore & I could feel myself bleeding. Not a day goes by I ask myself “why?”, I regret it so much because I would love to have a baby. I am trying to with my current boyfriend and I am sure that he is “the one” but I can’t get pregnant anymore. Each day I pray to God for forgiveness. Only my parents & grandmother knew about it, which I regret because I didn’t tell my papa whom past away recently.

Teen who was pushed into abortion says, “It hurts me that I killed my first child.”

I was 16 years old when I got pregnant. The boy that I was pregnant by said it was not his baby, but I know it was his baby because he was the only boy I slept with in five months. I was only two months pregnant, so I was sure it was his baby. My momma kind of started to notice my stomach was getting big and that I was throwing up a lot, and she then told me to get an abortion – no questions asked. It was like what I had to say did not matter because I had no say in the matter.

I really regret having an abortion because I wanted my baby. It would have been hard because I am so young, but I would do anything I could to take care of my baby. It hurts me that I killed my first child. I love kids and it will never happen again. I hate to see baby things and pregnant people because it brings back memories; and I will never forget it.
To my baby: I love you and I am very sorry you did not get to live your life because your momma did a terrible thing.

Teen who aborted at 5 months was forced by her parents

When I was in eighth grade, I knew that i was pregnant and when my parents found out….abortion was their first word!!! When i went to the clinic, they then told me that i was five months. I still went through with the procedure and still to this day i cry!!!!! I feel really bad about what i did but then again i didn’t really have a choice.
things were not good w my baby daddy.. he told me we could keep it but we were no longer together.. so we talk n i took the decission to have a abortion… it happened 2 yrs ago but im really sorry sometimes i dream about a baby boy crying i know its my baby but i’ve allways ask god to forgive me im really sorry …. i love my baby n i knw some day i’ll see him…..

Teen who aborted thought she made the right decision but changed her mind after the abortion

I was 16 when I found out I was pregnant. I was getting sick and my dad took me to the ER to find out what was wrong. The doctor came in and asked me if I had ever been pregnant and I said no and she told me well congratulations your 6 weeks pregnant. And I started crying because I knew I had disappointed my dad. I went home that night and sat down with my bf and my parents and we talked about everything. Than me and my bf talked by ourselves and we thought that abortion would be the best thing, because I wanted to finish school and he didn’t have a good enough job at the time to support us. But I wish now I would have never done it. I miss my baby and I really wish I could go back and stop myself from doing it. I really want my baby back, but I know it wont happen.

Teen who aborted says, “It kills me to know that I killed my baby.”

I was 16 when i found out i was pregnant and me and my boyfriend had just broke up 3 weeks before a found out. I told my mom about it and she took me to the womens clinic to check again. When the nurse came back in and told me and my mom i was 1 month and 2 weeks my mom cried and turned to me and said that i couldn’t keep the baby and if i did i would be kicked out. I didn’t have anybody to turn to for help so at the time i felt as if i had no choice. It kills me to know that i killed my baby and i often dream of having my baby in my arms. I cry alot and i cant talk to anybody about the abortion because no one knows except me my mom and my new boyfriend…i still haven’t told the father about the abortion and i don’t know if i ever will….But my message to you is if you’re being pressured to have an abortion decide for yourself no matter what. There are support groups who can help you weather you keep your baby or not you can get help.

Teen who aborted says, “The whole abortion experience was unbearable.”

I was 17. A junior in high school. I was just living life. Normal family, house, friends… I even had a job! I remember it was a Sunday (2013) I was at work with my co worker, which I was close with. We began talking and I told her how I was late with my period.. She bought me a pregnancy test on her break. The cheapest test available i promise. It was 2$ at a local corner store???? any way, I went to the bathroom at work with all the doubt in my mind that I wasn’t actually pregnant. Less than 5 minutes later my fears were confirmed. I was pregnant. After my family found out I really had no choice. My sister (19) was pregnant as well so it’s no way my dad was excited about his baby girl being pregnant too. My dad made my doctors appoitment that same day. When I went in for my appt, I was 6 weeks. I cried so much, but on the outside I held it together so well. I wanted to keep my baby! I felt like one of the biggest choices in my life, was made for me. The whole abortion experience was unbearable. Emotionally and physically. I wish I could take it all back. It’s your decision, at the end of the day.. It’s what’s best for you!!!

Teen’s abortion 3 years ago drove her to drugs and alcohol to numb the pain

It was May of 2012 when I discovered I was pregnant. I was with a man that I loved and was so excited to start a family with him. However, no one else shared my excitement. He proceeded to call me a liar, that I was faking the pregnancy to make him stay. He didn’t even believe me until the doctors told him in person and let him listen to the heart beat. By the beginning of June our relationship turned bad and he eventually cheated on me. The heartache of the break up crushed me and sent me into a deep depression, I knew I would not be able to take care of this baby on my own. I was living with my mother at the time, and she told me that it was either I got an abortion or I had to move out. With nowhere else to go, I decided to go forward with the abortion. On June 12th 2012 I made the worst decision of my life, by walking into that clinic. The emotional and physical pain that I felt afterwards was unbearable. It sent me into a whirlwind of drugs and alcohol, I would do anything to numb my pain. Not a day goes by that I do not think about my baby that I gave away, and not a day goes by that I won’t wish that I could turn back time.

Teen who aborted at 5 months says it hurts to know he felt everything.

I was 17 years old when I found out I was pregnant by my boyfriend. I was 5 months. What made the situation worse was that my boyfriend is years older then me and my parents didn’t agree. He didn’t want me to abort and neither did I. My abortion happen because of my mother. She wanted me to have a second chance. but when I look back everyday I want to cry. I miss my son .And I love him dearly. I was pregnant before him but my daughter died. But if I could have her why couldn’t I have him. Only difference she died and he was killed. I Honestly regret my decision. I regret to the fullest. Because I could have did it. I would have faced my challenges. And became a mother. It hurts to know he felt everything. If I could turn back time I would and I wouldn’t have had an abortion. I wouldn’t want me mom to abort me and she wouldn’t wont my grandma to abort her . So why did she force me.We are still together and soon will have on Dream Child. Its hard but we taking it day by day. I LOVE MY SON ….. MOMMY AND DADDY LOVES YOU AND MISSES YOU DEARLY.

Teen who aborted 7 years ago still feels guilty

When I was 13 years old. I became pregnant with my 2 year long boyfriend. When my mother found out she made me have an abortion. My boyfriend at the time didnt agree and neither did I.I was only13 but I dont believe in abortion. Well my mother drove 4hours away and when we got to the clinic I had to sign papers, which I didnt want to. I begged my mother and begged her, she told , me if i didnt do it then I was gonna end up in the juvenile center back at home, so i did it. After I woke up, I had this awe full pain in my stomach I was hurting so bad, and I regretted what I just had done. Now my child would have been 6. And to this day I still feel gulity that I was forced into having an abortion. Dont let ANYONE tell you what to do with your unborn child. Everyone should have there opinion but ONLY you should make a decision like this.

Girl who aborted because her boyfriend wanted her to says don’t do that!

Girls my age think it’s good to have sex cause all their “Friends” are doing it why can’t i right?

I thought i was in love with this guy the only person i wanted to lose my virginity to. He stuck around for 1 year. Then I got pregnant with his baby. i feel bad cause i didn’t want to lose my baby, but he wanted me to have an abortion. I’ll NEVER know if it was going to be a girl/boy. Anyways he had left me after the abortion never talk to me again. I should’ve kept my baby! Never listen to your boyfriend or baby’s daddy you will end up regretting it just like it do.

Teen who aborted says, “It haunts me every day…it hurts, it pains…”

i was 18 away from home ..in college and everything. it did seem great. i met this guy who happened to be my first boyfriend. i really loved him, but i made the biggest mistake of my life . being intimate. though i often denied the fact that id be near all this temptations,,, i couldnt.., now here i am today … in pain! i aborted my baby and it haunts me everyday. i thought all these things happen only to other people but no ! thats not true, i went through it, and it hurts, it pains…I’m still in the process of recovering from it ..

Teen who aborted was tricked by her mother

I got pregnant with an aquaintence of mine who I only see every once in a while when I was 15. I missed my period, and I thoght I was pregnant. I told my best friend, and he told me not to worry until I took a test. So I did. It was positive. I texted my best friend and told him right away. He texted me back telling me he would lend me money for an abortion if I wanted. He also told me he would stand by me if I decided to keep the baby. I didn’t want to abort my baby. The next day was a Monday, and I had stayed up late the night before thinking, so I was running late. I left my cellphone in my room and I went to school. I was riding the bus home, and one of my friends recieved a phonecall from my mother. She told me I had an orthodontist appointment and to go straight home, so I did. I got into the car with my mother and we were already on the road when she handed me my cellphone. Right then I knew she had read my texts. She told me we were going to a clinic, and that I was going to have an abortion. I asked her if I could have some time to think about it, but she told me I should have thought before I had sex, which made sense to me at the time. I was so scared. I’ve tried to kill myself three times since then, I have nightmares of the clinic almost every night and I get the worst déjà vu. I can barely talk to my parents anymore. I wish I could have kept my baby.

Girl who aborted says, “It’s always on my mind.”

I was 16 when I found out I was pregnant. I was about 5 months in the relationship with my boyfriend at the time. My parents basically forced me to get an abortion. My boyfriend and his family on the other hand wanted me to keep it. I was going to move out with my boyfriend to his moms, but my mom refused to let me leave. I turned 17 on Christmas day and cried all day. The day after New Years, I had my abortion. It’s the worse thing I ever could of done, and it’s always on my mind. I cry everyday over my baby. The only problem I had was morning sickness. I could of lasted. I was 2 months pregnant when I had the abortion. Don’t do abortions if you don’t want to. You do what you think is good for you! I wish I had kept my child.

Teen who aborted says, “I will have to forever live with the idea that I killed my first child.”

I found out I was pregnant four months ago. I thought that I wouldn’t be because when my boyfriends condom broke, we got the morning after pill the next day. When my period hadn’t come, I began to worry but my boyfriend continued to tell me that everything was alright. I continued to worry and eventually got a home pregnancy test. It confirmed my fear. I was pregnant. At first I just cried and cried. I was in college, had my whole life ahead of me, and didn’t want to let my family down. It hit me so fast and so hard that nothing could comfort me. I talked to my boyfriends mom about my options, she had been through the same thing when she was my age and had decided to keep it. She strongly advised that I should get rid of it because she could tell that neiter one of us was ready to take care of a child. Later that week I called the local planned parenthood that was near my college and I had my baby aborted. I was so early into it that I was able to take the two pills to abort so it was easier on me but everyday I feel as though something is missing. There are nights when I cry myself to sleep. My boyfriend, who had promised that this wouldn’t change our relationship, is now out of my life. I found out the hard way that he wasn’t right for me after the cheating and lying. Some days I think it was okay to get rid of the baby because it’s father wouldn’t be in it’s life and if by some chance he was, he wouldn’t be the father I would want for my baby. Most days I can’t deal with the decision I made. I had such strong beliefs that abortion was wrong. I sometimes can’t even look at myself in the mirror. My life has changed completely. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t tell my baby that I’m sorry. I will have to forever live with the idea that I killed my first child.

This teen and her boyfriend didn’t want the abortion but people around them did.

my and this guy thought we were madly in love like true love and that day we shared our feeling together. when school started around in august my boyfriend had a feeling that i was going to be pregnant cause he told me that he wasnt wearing no condom i was mad as hell so i took the pregnancy test well im pregnant i was mad, cause i didnt plan on having a baby my boyfriend was happy that im pregnant during in class i was thinking and think how am i going to raise this baby am i going to give it up for a adoption see abortion never came across my mind then my boyfriend mom called my house and told my grandma that im pregnant then she told everybody who lived inside the house everybody wanted me to have a abortion i just denied it everybody was telling me just be selfish for one time they were giving me some negitive talk that i cant raise this baby at all i had got my abortion on september 5 and i will never forget the first time i actually saw my baby everyday i would wow i would be 6 month wondering what the sex of the baby everyday i regret it i just wish i would had read the story that i just found this web site telling how depressing the abortion is once they got it done now im feeling the same like everyday i have to pretend nothing happen and that im fine who needs a baby in my life im glad i had a abortion but my true feeling is why did i had a abortion why did i ever let my family words come between me and my baby well my plan was that i wanted to keep the baby until im out of high school and my baby daddy can come around but he didnt want that he want to be a man that would step up to the plate and want to be there for the baby their first word learning how to walk learning how to hold it bottle he wanted to be there ever second of it baby life but i took it away from him. he’s hurt really he is hurt he wishes that i didnt have the abortion but i did what i did and i regret i would do anything to get the feeling inside of me growing something that worth of it and i just blew it now i wanted it just some day i would get to see my baby in hevean rather it a boy of a girl i lost the baby i lost my so called “baby daddy” everything just drift apart i have nothing. abortion is not the way out it leaves you with the side affect guilty shame depress loney and it not pretty good

Teen pushed into abortion says it doesn’t hurt her mom, but it hurts her.

i found out i was pregnate on jan 28 i didnt get my period on december neiher november i was only two months in a half when i went to the dotor the next morning i told my mom and she told me i was going to get an abortion me and my boyfiend did not aggre with that i was scare sooner that day she took me to mexico to get pills i had no choice but to drink themi cried it was a big pain but really a perant always wants the best for us but like im a minor they think we dont have the right to make our own choices!!! this is the biggest thing i had faced in my life now what hurts more is that it dont hurt my mom in anyway but this is going to be on my mind all my life because the fault of my mom!!! yea! we might be minors but we do whatever with our life and body…

Teen who had a medical abortion says, “I hate myself.”

On July 17 I went and got a medical abortion. I wanted the baby, but the guy I was pregnant by didn’t. He is black and I’m white and he made the statement he didn’t wnat a child to a white girl because he had a black girl pregnant already. I struggled for about a week over what to do. My mom didn’t want me to get the abortion, but my dad said he would throw me out if I didn’t. I considered moving to Maryland, having the baby, and living with my mom, but decided to have the abortion because there would be no father figure. Everyday when I see the babies in the daycare at my school and the pregnant girls I hate myself. I had no right to take my child’s life away before I even gave him or her the chance to live.

Girl who aborted says, “I felt like my insides had been ripped to shreds.”

Im only 17 and found out I was pregnant a few days before new years, I had never been so scared and I have never cried so many tears, my boyfriend made it clear he was not ready for a baby but he wud be there whatever I chose, I never liked abortions and was leaning towards taking responsibility for my actions and keeping it, but after thinking how my boyfriend wouldn’t be thrilled and how I wanted to be able to do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted i ended up being selfish and getting my abortion, I will always remember that day in exact detail, even with my boyfriend right by my side I have never felt as lonely as I did sitting in that clinic, after all was done I felt groggy and like my insides had been ripped to shreads, I was kind of relieved that I didn’t have to sit up all night with worry anymore but I was guilty that I could deny my own unborn baby life all because im just to selfish, if I ever fall pregnant again I will give that baby the life it deserves. Think hard about your decision, there’s no turning back.