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teen forced to abort at 22 weeks tells her baby “I’m sorry you had to endure that pain.”

I was 15 years old when I became pregnant I had been with the guy for only 7 months. I was in so much denial, that I kept it to myself, the baby’s father and lastly i told my sister, which is how my Mother found out. The first thing my mom said was we are going down town to the clinic monday morning. I had no say so about my baby. It hurt me so much and the father he was so against me getting an abortion. I was 22 weeks when I went down there I wish I could have waited a little longer and I would not have been able to get the abortion done. It hurts and kills me everyday to know I was forced to have my first-born killed. RIP BABY IM SORRY YOU HAD TO ENDURE THAT PAIN. YOU DID’NT ASK FOR THAT NOR DESERVE IT. 

Teen’s abortion sorrow

My name is Lorelle.  It feels like it happened yesterday. I remember my boyfriend telling me that everything will be OK and that he was here for me. I walked into the room and waited for them to call me. I took some medicine so I would not feel as much pain. From there on things happened too fast. The medicine kicked in faster than expected, so they started their procedure. All I can remember is holding my boyfriend’s hand. I wish I could remember more. Now all I remember is that a month ago I killed my baby…and I am so sorry.