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abortion pill facebook comments

Facebook discussions

Following a post about Holly Patterson, who died after taking the abortion pill, the following comments were posted on Facebook:

Patricia – My daughter took the same pill at the same clinic and it almost killed her.

Ashley – This happened to me, but I obviously didn’t die. I bled for 6 months straight. I paid $500 cash to bleed out for 6 months, only to find out there was still fetal tissue attached to my uterus that was causing active blood flow. I would suggest no one use the abortion pill. I ended up in surgery because of it.

Bonnie – Someone very close to me used it and ended up in the hospital for 3 months with blood clots and deep vein thrombosis. She was 16 when this happened. She survived. Stay away from this pill ladies. It’s not worth your life. Planned Parenthood gives out this pill with no explanation of the serious side effects that can happen. Their followups are nonexistent. These women think this drug is safe. It is not.

Katelynn – When I took the pill it was a nightmare experience, and I was in pain bleeding for 2 days. I had to go back to the clinic a week later to get an ultrasound specifically to make sure there was no fetus left inside of me.

TEEN abortion pill dangers and deaths

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration report of 12/31/18 reported 24 deaths in the U.S. and 4,200 serious complications from abortion pills reported. It is unknown how many other complications and/or deaths go unreported. https://www.fda.gov/drugs/postmarket-drug-safety-information-patients-and-providers/questions-and-answers-mifeprex The causes of death included sepsis, hemorrhage, toxic shock, liver failure, and others.

Dangers of taking the abortion pill

Many teens want to keep a pregnancy a secret from their parents so the parents won’t know they are sexually active. If you believe this is just a pill to solve your problem and make your period start, it sounds like the perfect solution. However, you may have no idea what you are getting yourself into or how to recognize complications. This is why many states require parental consent or parental notification before an abortion on a minor.

A case in point is 18-year-old Holly Patterson from San Francisco, California. She did not want her parents to know that she was pregnant, so she never told them that she took the abortion pills. She followed the instructions given to her by the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic on September 10, but a couple days later she was in such pain and bleeding so badly that her boyfriend rushed her to the hospital where she was given pain pills and sent home. She was back in the ER a few days later and died September 17 of a massive infection from fragments of the fetus still inside her that caused her to go into septic shock.

abortion pill reality

Truth about abortion pills

So what does it really do? Abortion pill abortions are allowed up to 10 weeks of pregnancy. The first pill is given at the abortion clinic to prevent further nutrients from reaching the baby/fetus. The other pills are given to you to take the next day to expel the now deceased baby/fetus. This may occur at home, at school, at work, or wherever. There will be heavy bleeding much like a miscarriage, nausea, vomiting, and intense pain, often while you are alone if you have kept your abortion a secret. When the fetus comes out, it will be up to you to dispose of it.

teens deceived about abortion pills

Teens are THE most susceptible to being deceived when it comes to the abortion pill. You have grown up in a society where you take a pill for everything. Just pop a pill and you will be fine. The pill is being described as restoring your period, and it is promoted as being as safe as Tylenol, Flonase, and Xanax. But is it?

Abortion pills are legal, but they are not as safe and easy as they are advertised. Remember, advertisements are to SELL a product and are often misleading. Abortion pills are a BIG business produced by pharmaceuticals to make money. Buyer beware. It is your body and your life. Protect it.