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Teen who aborted says its not worth crying the rest of your life.

I was 15 when I found out I was pregnant, I was soon to turn 16. I hid it from my mom for almost 2 months, then I broke down and told her. I cried and she told me I could either have an abortion, or keep it and go into hiding then give it up for adoption. I couldn’t stand the thought of being away from my friends for almost a year and not being able to keep the kid so I said I’d do the abortion. That Monday I went to the clinic and had everything done. They took an untrasound and kept the picture of my almost fully 12 week old baby, but I told my self that this was for the best, that I was too young to have a child at 16. Its now 3 months later and all I can do every night is cry. I killed my baby girl or boy. I would be 5 months pregnant now. Yeah my life seems great after everything has been done, I have a new boyfriend who is great and my mom and me get along great, but I am so torn up inside. I regret it so much. Please don’t do it, it’s not worth crying the rest of your life. 

To my baby girl/boy: I’m so sorry, I really miss you. It was a stupid choice I made. I love you, I’m sorry I didn’t show that to you and I’ll never get the chance to. 



I had an abortion close to five months ago. When I found out that I was pregnant I was four months and two weeks along. It was the hardest thing to hear the nurse say. I was dead set on having it when I heard her say that, until I talked to my boyfriend who, at first, was completely for whatever I wanted. Then he started to think about things and realized things were going to change completely. He convinced me to have the abortion, and it was the most difficult thing I could ever go through.

I still feel like a horrible person for it. All I think about is my baby and how I would be three weeks away from seeing his/her face. I wish I could go back and change things. I thought no one would find out, but somehow they did. I was the talk of the school.

I cried for long hours and did not sleep because I wanted my baby, and I wanted my boyfriend too. He didn’t want the baby, so I did it for him, but he left me the day of the abortion. So think for you and what you want. That is all that will make you happy.

Teen tells abortion story

teen abortion

My name is Jenna, and one of the reasons that I feel so strongly about abortion is that I myself had an abortion. At the time it seemed like the only solution. The family planning clinic I went to for counseling never suggested another alternative. I was given absolutely no information about the development of the baby. In fact, I was told it was a “walnut-sized mass of tissue.”
The decision to abort my baby is a decision I’ll regret the rest of my life – it’s irreversible. Later I learned about fetal development and slowly began to realize what I had done. I finally began to let myself grieve for the baby I had aborted.

First I had denied, then I was angry, then I grieved, and now I’ve largely resolved it. As part of my healing, I’ve had to accept my responsibility for the act, accept that I played a part in killing my own baby.

Yes, it still hurts; but I tell my story in the hope that the truth will shine through.

Teen abortion pain


My name is Barkha.  The day I found out was July 11. When the doctor came back and told me I was so in shock that I had no idea what to do. I was seeing a great guy at the time, and I called him and told him that we needed to talk. When I told him he was glad and thought we should keep the child. We had a feeling that it was going to be a boy, so we picked a name for him.
About a week later it hit us that we are just kids ourselves and we could not take care of a child. July 28 was the day that changed my world. After the abortion I felt so different inside, like kind of relieved. I broke up with the guy I was with because we could not look at each other the same way. It has been almost a year since the abortion, and it hits me every day. I regret it so much. Before you make a decision, think about whether it is worth the pain of only 9 months or the pain of a lifetime.