me and this guy was dating for about three months I though I would be with him for the rest of my life when we first had sex I thought he would love me and never cheat on me so we did it a couple of times just to keep him satisfy on the third time of having sex he said he wanted me 2 have his baby I was so confused I didn’t know wat 2 do at the moment but satisfy him I thought if I had his baby we will be together forever but that all changed during the second month of my pregnancy he told 2 get an abortion I was shocked bcuhz he wanted me 2 have so I told him I wanted 2 keep it and he said do what u want bcuhz i’m not going 2 be in itz life I cried almost everyday nd very depressed I even thought of suicide I coudnt talk 2 nobody bcuhz I was afraid of what might they think I kept all my hurt nd pain inside so I had 2 make a decision 2 keep the baby or not so since I had no money or help bcuhz I was afraid 2 tell anyone I decided 2 get an abortion now I regret it bcuhz it was a life inside of me nd I could of prevent that from happening if I hadn’t had sex now it hunts me so gurls what im trynna say is think before u do most boys says they love u just 2 get pleasure while u get pain nd 9 months of it nd believe it is no joke think twice

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