When I was 16 I had an abortion. It has been only five months since then. I was messing around with someone much older than me, always thinking that it was not going to happen to me. However, it did; and it felt like a ton of bricks hitting you in the face. To look down at your pregnancy test saying positive, saying you have a baby on the way. I looked for the easy way…abortion. It was the only way to keep it from my parents and not let my friends know about it. So the guy and I went for the abortion. At first I was happy. I no longer had worries or responsibilities, but that changed.

Now I look around my school, and I see girls younger than me carrying a child. Why couldn’t I do it? Their life is no different than mine. I could have raised a child. To think that I could have been a mom…have a little girl in my arms…to know that I brought her into this world. But, no, I did the opposite…I took her out because I chose the easy way out. Think before you do it. It is a life full of regrets.