I was 17 and pregnant. I could not take care of a baby, and neither could my boyfriend. I was to go to college and have my whole life ahead of me. The last thing I needed was to let my whole family down by having a baby. When I went to have an abortion I passed out before anything happened because I was so scared! I still went through with the procedure, and it was very painful. After it was over I felt better, like I had nothing to worry about.

Then it hit me what I had done! I would cry and cry out of nowhere screaming sorry to my unborn baby whose life I took. It was not the baby’s fault I was being selfish! The only thing I want is for my baby and God to forgive me. Killing my baby was not the answer. I should have dealt with the situation a lot better, and now all I can do is cry when I see babies, thinking that could have been mine!