In may last year i found out i was pregnant.i hadnt had my period for two months so i descided to take a pregancny test, not thinkin that it would come out postive.i never though that this would happen to me. i didt know what to do i was soo confused.i went to a place and got a pregancny texst done just tp make sure.they told me i was over 16 months.i just broke out cryin because i was 4 months and i hadnt even known.i had to telll my mom because i didnt have the money for an abortion.my mom told me right away that i had to get an abortion, i had no say in what i wanted, i nver would had chose an abortion.i got an appoinment for the abortion on july 8. when i got there i never though that it was gona b so hard. since i was on my second trismester it was kinda of painful and i was throwing up everywhere.when i woke up from the procedure it seeem lik everuthing had chnaged, nothing was the same anymore. It’s been months and i still havent gotten over it,in the first few months i use to be depress all the time.no day passes without me thinking about it.i regret doing what i did because it was never my intentions to kill my first baby.i never knew that ending a pregnancy was going to b so hard.its lik a scar that stays with you forever.so really thinking what you getting urself into because is not the easy way out.my life changed forever after this.

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