Teen tells abortion story

teen abortion

My name is Jenna, and one of the reasons that I feel so strongly about abortion is that I myself had an abortion. At the time it seemed like the only solution. The family planning clinic I went to for counseling never suggested another alternative. I was given absolutely no information about the development of the baby. In fact, I was told it was a “walnut-sized mass of tissue.”
The decision to abort my baby is a decision I’ll regret the rest of my life – it’s irreversible. Later I learned about fetal development and slowly began to realize what I had done. I finally began to let myself grieve for the baby I had aborted.

First I had denied, then I was angry, then I grieved, and now I’ve largely resolved it. As part of my healing, I’ve had to accept my responsibility for the act, accept that I played a part in killing my own baby.

Yes, it still hurts; but I tell my story in the hope that the truth will shine through.