Teen who aborted 7 years ago still feels guilty

When I was 13 years old. I became pregnant with my 2 year long boyfriend. When my mother found out she made me have an abortion. My boyfriend at the time didnt agree and neither did I.I was only13 but I dont believe in abortion. Well my mother drove 4hours away and when we got to the clinic I had to sign papers, which I didnt want to. I begged my mother and begged her, she told , me if i didnt do it then I was gonna end up in the juvenile center back at home, so i did it. After I woke up, I had this awe full pain in my stomach I was hurting so bad, and I regretted what I just had done. Now my child would have been 6. And to this day I still feel gulity that I was forced into having an abortion. Dont let ANYONE tell you what to do with your unborn child. Everyone should have there opinion but ONLY you should make a decision like this.