Teen who aborted at 5 months says it hurts to know he felt everything.

I was 17 years old when I found out I was pregnant by my boyfriend. I was 5 months. What made the situation worse was that my boyfriend is years older then me and my parents didn’t agree. He didn’t want me to abort and neither did I. My abortion happen because of my mother. She wanted me to have a second chance. but when I look back everyday I want to cry. I miss my son .And I love him dearly. I was pregnant before him but my daughter died. But if I could have her why couldn’t I have him. Only difference she died and he was killed. I Honestly regret my decision. I regret to the fullest. Because I could have did it. I would have faced my challenges. And became a mother. It hurts to know he felt everything. If I could turn back time I would and I wouldn’t have had an abortion. I wouldn’t want me mom to abort me and she wouldn’t wont my grandma to abort her . So why did she force me.We are still together and soon will have on Dream Child. Its hard but we taking it day by day. I LOVE MY SON ….. MOMMY AND DADDY LOVES YOU AND MISSES YOU DEARLY.