I found out I was pregnant the second time while I was at work. I worked at a drug store and decided to just be on the safe side and take a pregnancy test since I had unprotected sex a couple weeks before. Well I was shocked when I seen those 2 lines appear! I was only 17 and I had just had my daughter 6 months ago. I was devastated because I knew there was NO WAY I could work, finish high school, and take care of my daughter. I knew in my heart that I was getting an abortion.
Another factor to make me choose abortion was because the father of the baby and I were not together, and it wasn’t the same guy from my previous pregnancy. I felt like a complete failure. I killed my baby. At first I was relieved it was over, but after reality sunk in I felt HORRIBLE. As I grow each day mentally, I think about how many women out there fight to conceive. I felt selfish and I still think about my child that is not here until this day. I am now a high school graduate and in college. My daughter is 2 now…Everything is fine but that day that I got my abortion replays in my mind too often. I would never choice abortion over fighting for what is mine and being responsible.
If I could I would tell my baby that I am so terribly sorry how everything happened, and that I love him/her.

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