Teen who aborted prays for forgiveness.

It was only 2 years ago, he abused me. I found out I was pregnant by accident, my ex and I got into an argument and it led to violence *again. He numerously hit me, dragged me on the road until I was uncountious. I woke up with a medical examiner shining a flash light at my eyes and I totally forgot what happened. The ambulance took me to the ER where they did simple blood test, and there I found out I was 1 1/2 months pregnant. My parents face dropped and it was pure anger. I cried and cried and my parents told me I’m having an abortion. They knew that he was VERY violent and he will kill me. I had to agree with them because he broken my bones and had damaged the baby so much that I started bleeding a lot. My parents went through the process of getting me to the hospital to do a therapeutic abortion which they put me to sleep and suck the baby out of me. I woke up in the hospital again, really really sore & I could feel myself bleeding. Not a day goes by I ask myself “why?”, I regret it so much because I would love to have a baby. I am trying to with my current boyfriend and I am sure that he is “the one” but I can’t get pregnant anymore. Each day I pray to God for forgiveness. Only my parents & grandmother knew about it, which I regret because I didn’t tell my papa whom past away recently.