Teen who aborted says, “The whole abortion experience was unbearable.”

I was 17. A junior in high school. I was just living life. Normal family, house, friends… I even had a job! I remember it was a Sunday (2013) I was at work with my co worker, which I was close with. We began talking and I told her how I was late with my period.. She bought me a pregnancy test on her break. The cheapest test available i promise. It was 2$ at a local corner store???? any way, I went to the bathroom at work with all the doubt in my mind that I wasn’t actually pregnant. Less than 5 minutes later my fears were confirmed. I was pregnant. After my family found out I really had no choice. My sister (19) was pregnant as well so it’s no way my dad was excited about his baby girl being pregnant too. My dad made my doctors appoitment that same day. When I went in for my appt, I was 6 weeks. I cried so much, but on the outside I held it together so well. I wanted to keep my baby! I felt like one of the biggest choices in my life, was made for me. The whole abortion experience was unbearable. Emotionally and physically. I wish I could take it all back. It’s your decision, at the end of the day.. It’s what’s best for you!!!