Teen who aborted was forced by her mother at 6 months of pregnancy

I was in my 10th grade year in high school and the guy i was dating had been my boyfriend for a year and a half. We had made a mutual decision to take our relationship to the next level…I was so consumed by school and sports that i hadnt noticed that i’d gone 3 months without a menstrual. I called my boyfriend and told him right a way. He was with my on what ever decision i made, so i said i was keeping it…Remind u i was only 15, i waited a while before saying anything to my Mother so by the time my sister told her i was 6 months…my mother would not let me keep it even after i begged and pleaded…She forced me to get an abortion it was a two day process based off how far along i was. It was thee most horrific experience of my life…oh how i yearn to be a mother…having your own child moving and kicking on the inside of you is a very special feeling but to have your child ripped out of u and ur told to jus forget it all ever happened is just a terrifying thing for a 15 year old to go through.