It was December 28th the day that changed everything. The day I wished that I would’ve said no to a horrible decision that my parents made. I had to make a decision that THEY thought was right. This was not benefitting me at all because I wanted my son. Well thats what me and my baby daddy thought it was, a boy. Although I still have the ultra sound it still brings back memories that hurt me.

Remember that you have the power to say no because you are the one that will have to make the appointment. Not your mother, not your father, you. Just remember that, and plan ahead for your childs future because being a mommy is a huge responsibility. Even the abortion effected my mom although she didn’t want me 2 have him I know she would have helped me now. So in the end abortion is not right so R.I.P. to My Baby – Mommy loves you……….

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