Teen who aborted wishes she had kept her baby

When I was 17 years old I got pregnant with my boyfriend. 3 months later I had an abortion. I was basically guilted into the abortion by my boyfriend and his friends. They were saying how we can’t mess up our lives by having a baby, that we were too young. I listened to them even though it’s against my religion to have an abortion. Having the abortion though was the easy part I guess you could say. I tried not to think about it at the time and just went through it, trying to make my boyfriend happy. Well now it’s been 2 years since the abortion and I still think about it every night. Having the abortion is the only thing in my life that I truely regret doing. At first I thought I was ok with it but as time went on I realized it was wrong, I never should have listened to other people. I never should have put my own feelings aside to make someone else happy, even if it was my boyfriend. Everyday I think about that poor baby and what I’m missing out on. I also wonder if I will be able to have another baby. Abortions are not very safe and there are side-effects. Ever since I had the abortion I have been getting vaginal infections, frequently. This worries me everyday, could these infections cause infertility? Did I give up my chance to have a baby. If I could do it all over again I would have gone with my feelings and kept the baby.