Teen’s abortion 3 years ago drove her to drugs and alcohol to numb the pain

It was May of 2012 when I discovered I was pregnant. I was with a man that I loved and was so excited to start a family with him. However, no one else shared my excitement. He proceeded to call me a liar, that I was faking the pregnancy to make him stay. He didn’t even believe me until the doctors told him in person and let him listen to the heart beat. By the beginning of June our relationship turned bad and he eventually cheated on me. The heartache of the break up crushed me and sent me into a deep depression, I knew I would not be able to take care of this baby on my own. I was living with my mother at the time, and she told me that it was either I got an abortion or I had to move out. With nowhere else to go, I decided to go forward with the abortion. On June 12th 2012 I made the worst decision of my life, by walking into that clinic. The emotional and physical pain that I felt afterwards was unbearable. It sent me into a whirlwind of drugs and alcohol, I would do anything to numb my pain. Not a day goes by that I do not think about my baby that I gave away, and not a day goes by that I won’t wish that I could turn back time.