I was 15 wen ii first got pregnant at first me and my boyfriend were happy .. the only person we can possiblly tell was his mother she supported 100% but that wasnt the same in my situation wen ii told my parents it was the worst thing ii had ever done .. they left the choice to me but it wasn’t that easy wen yew have family telling you ur life wuld never be the same and reminding u how hard it wuld be for you and ur baby .. My parents told me if ii kept ma baby ii had to leave ma house then is wen ma only option was ABORTION. The day ii made that decision everything changed in ma life it was the worst thing ii ever had to do EVER, not only did ii loose someone that was a part of me but ii lost the trust and Moral respect for myself. And as if that was the worst of it ii had to give up the guy i LOVED bcuz my parents or family wouldn’t accept us ever being together .. Its been two years now and it has made me a wiser [17] year old but this feelings ii have and hold in my heart will never be cured their like open cuts with no healing.
SoOo iif ur experiencing haviing an ABORTION [DON’T] it isnt worth it be mature and dnt look for the easy way out or wats best for everybody else do wass right for u … think with ur heart ¢¾

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