Saterday was the worst day of my life. I’m 14 i had an abortion. I was 15 weeks. My mother forced me into the abortion, i wish i would have done something to stop it. Abortions are terriable. Children are gods gifts, we should be treating them like they are. Me and my boyrfriend were very excited, and so were his paretns. Mine werent so excited though. We were very ready and prepared to have a child, but it just couldnt happen. It is very hard for me to see a baby or even see a women that is pregant. I cry everynight, but i look up to the sky, and think all the babies that were aborted or died are gods angles. They are watching over there parents. They love us very much.They will keep us safe, just ask god for forgivens. God will get us all through it.

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