i was 15 year’s old when i got pergnant, and i thought my life was over and all my friend’s would down me about it and my parent’s also. well the guy that got me pergnant we was a year older than me and he didn’t won’t the baby and his parent’s sent him off to an school for just boy’s well i took the easy way out and had a abortion and i wished never have done that cause my best friend has a lil girl and she is wonderful and now i look back and hate myself even though it’s been a lil over a year i could of been a mom just like she is doing today. i never thought anything like this would happen to me and it did and i just wo;t my little girl or boy in my arm’s or running around calling me mommy and even though im still a teen but i know i could be a mom and love my son or daughter the most i can. but life does go on and even though it’s been a little over a year i still think about. so before you do it think twice because it;’s really not the easy way out, because you will think about what you done to your child everyday you live cause i still do. so please don’t get abortion cause in the long run it will hurt you.

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