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I though i was in Love. I had the one person i had ever felt love for, we was together for about 2 1/2 years and i got pregnant. I was so happy the one thing i wanted was to love someone and have them love me back unconditionally, but my world turned upside down. I was forced into an abortion by the babys dad. he said if i had kept the kid i would never see my baby ever. so i got the abortion. it was the worse mistake of my life. I feel like i am missing apart of me. the babys dad and i arnt getting along,hes so ungreatful, but he made me do this and i didnt want to do it. after the abortion he told me that ill never make a good mom and that if i had a baby i would be a loser mom and going on saying stuff that he shouldnt be saying after i got an abortion. i slipped into a deep depression to where i was self harming. please never get an abortion your baby has a right to live and grow, no matter what anybody says as soon as the the cells join, its a HUMAN LIFE it may not look like a baby at first but it is. im 18 everyone told me i made the right decision, well they are wrong, only you can make the right decision. because of all this i never want to have a family i never want to love anybody ever again its not worth going through the emotional disterbences keep your baby, it may be hard but its worth every day you devote your life to your baby.

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