This teen and her boyfriend didn’t want the abortion but people around them did.

my and this guy thought we were madly in love like true love and that day we shared our feeling together. when school started around in august my boyfriend had a feeling that i was going to be pregnant cause he told me that he wasnt wearing no condom i was mad as hell so i took the pregnancy test well im pregnant i was mad, cause i didnt plan on having a baby my boyfriend was happy that im pregnant during in class i was thinking and think how am i going to raise this baby am i going to give it up for a adoption see abortion never came across my mind then my boyfriend mom called my house and told my grandma that im pregnant then she told everybody who lived inside the house everybody wanted me to have a abortion i just denied it everybody was telling me just be selfish for one time they were giving me some negitive talk that i cant raise this baby at all i had got my abortion on september 5 and i will never forget the first time i actually saw my baby everyday i would wow i would be 6 month wondering what the sex of the baby everyday i regret it i just wish i would had read the story that i just found this web site telling how depressing the abortion is once they got it done now im feeling the same like everyday i have to pretend nothing happen and that im fine who needs a baby in my life im glad i had a abortion but my true feeling is why did i had a abortion why did i ever let my family words come between me and my baby well my plan was that i wanted to keep the baby until im out of high school and my baby daddy can come around but he didnt want that he want to be a man that would step up to the plate and want to be there for the baby their first word learning how to walk learning how to hold it bottle he wanted to be there ever second of it baby life but i took it away from him. he’s hurt really he is hurt he wishes that i didnt have the abortion but i did what i did and i regret i would do anything to get the feeling inside of me growing something that worth of it and i just blew it now i wanted it just some day i would get to see my baby in hevean rather it a boy of a girl i lost the baby i lost my so called “baby daddy” everything just drift apart i have nothing. abortion is not the way out it leaves you with the side affect guilty shame depress loney and it not pretty good