Teen who aborted says “7 years later I can’t get over the abortion”

I was 15 wen I first had sex.. like most people I never thought that I would get pregnant.. I didn’t know that I was pregnant until I was a little over 2 and a half months.. when I found out it was as if the whole world stood still… like I was dreaming and just waiting for someone to wake me up…I told my mom over the phone.. I couldn’t imagine telling her in person… she yelled and I cried… days later my parents told me that they were taking me to get an abortion.. I told them that I was against abortion, not that they cared at all. I asked if I could do an adoption and they said that it would be too hard to give my baby away.. I disagree I think that its harder to get a abortion.. im 22 now its been 7 years and I think about the abortion everyday.. I remember the white ceiling in the room before they put me to sleep.. I was sleep and I was praying that I didn’t wake up because I didn’t want to live without my baby.. after the procedure I woke up to tears rolling down my face and the of emptiness.. I was broken.. 7 years later and i cant get over the abortion… now i cant have children.. i haven’t had the heart to tell my family.. i wish that 7 years ago someone would have told me that i had a choice.. anyway my point it if you are pregnant and reading this you have a choice… when u think about getting a abortion think about all the emotions that comes after the procedure.. think of the risk of you never conceiving a child in the future.. think about the innocent life that will be taken ..

i hope that this story helps someone…..